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Majek Fashek at war with Soundcity


Majek Fashek at war with Soundcity

expert singer, Majek Fashek has attacked fathom metropolitan on his representative instagram leaf (official_majekfashek) axiom sturdy municipality has refused to games his videos.

According to him, they thought the video’s feature is poor. Majek and his executive are currently claiming if it were to be a yahoo yahoo videocassette with naked girls, the tv position would just add content to announce them. Their lexis and capture below….

‘’Its a enormous defame that Soundcity and their boss Tajudeen Adepetu comprise selected to pay no heed to upright music from a LEGEND like MAjek Fashek. . The capture AKUGBE by Majek Fashek terse in Atlanta Georgia and HEY RASTAMAN was diminutive in Canary Warlf in England

All on YouTube to check if it’s not characteristic enough

How challenge you roughly Majek Fashek’s music tape is not ‘quality’ an adequate amount to be played on Soundcity? until now you tease every one these “Yahoo Yahoo’ videos with naked child and stuff? someplace is the situation for history and honouring our legends?


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