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Neymar arrives at police force in wheelchair to be questioned in link with rape allegation


Neymar arrives at police force in wheelchair to be questioned in link with rape allegation

Neymar indoors at a supervise place on a walking chair to be asked in Correlation with an investigation into report he flase sleep with a female in a Paris hotel.

The star was guided by 3 men as he managed to walk into the shop in Rio de Janeiro after Police launched a look into into report by 26 years old Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza.

The star amalgamation deep-rooted Neymar had conventional a directive to have a word with cops over accusations he posted cinema and mail from his alleged victim on public media, without her permission.

Meanwhile, Mastercard supposed in a report it was suspending its bring into play of the 27-year-old Paris Saint Germain forward until the post had been “cleared up”, according to the newspaper O Estado de S Paulo.

Neymar was gone on crutches after roaring out of Brazil’s sociable with Qatar after rupturing ligaments around his authentic ankle.

Ms de Souza supposed she was r-ped after the footballer became aggressive at what time she demanded he old security after flying from Brazil to Paris to come across him for s-x.

Ms Trindade supposed she was in the beginning equipped for consensual s-x with the star but demanded guard alleging the footballer thought no, became aggressive and r-ped her.

The Brazilian reproduction waved her sincere to secrecy and appeared on Brazilian TV to commit her characteristic of dealings as a cassette emerged appearing to exhibition her fighting with the Paris Saint-German star.


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