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Nigerians weep out their eyes as LOOM CRASH


Nigerians weep out their eyes as LOOM CRASH

more or less Nigerians were patterned outside a edifice alleged to be the head office of emerge in Lagos, yesterday.

They apparently stormed the place to claim for their cash after the rumours of Loom Crash get been dispersion around town.

Recall that become visible Investment is a Ponzi chart which involves a Peer to Peer reasoning without any chief turn or noticeable investment.

However what time investors visited their take precedence administrative center in Lagos days gone by 15th June 2018, they claimed that no workers was on opinion to listen to them and the vicinity had been deserted since continue week.

The Securities and chat assign had in May, issued a cautioning to Nigerians investing their change in the online investment scheme.

Mary Uduk, temporary Director-General of the commission, gave the cautionary at a news discussion in Abuja.


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